Hannah Niles

Coalitions Manager |

Separation of Powers

Hannah Niles is a Coalitions Manager at Pacific Legal Foundation. An adept relationship builder and strategist, Hannah works to create partnerships and leverage relationships to advance the legal goals and national conversation around PLF’s Separation of Powers program.

Hannah’s love for liberty and belief in prosperity for all was sparked through interning with the Civitas Institute (now a part of the John Locke Foundation) and cultivated through her time as a chapter director for America’s Future Foundation, where she focused her efforts on cultivating diverse coalitions to drive change in communities.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Hannah’s personal journey is characterized by a steadfast commitment to service and philanthropy. Inspired by her family’s legacy of military service, she has dedicated herself to supporting veterans’ causes. Hannah also serves as a board member for both the Bastiat Society of Raleigh and the Lassiter Education Foundation and is guided fundamentally by the belief that protecting individual liberty is the clearest path to a more prosperous society.

A North Carolina native, Hannah earned her undergraduate degree in political science from North Carolina State University. She enjoys spending time with her fiancé Scott, driving their 1957 Thunderbird, playing golf, focusing on fitness, and spending time keeping their rescue hound Ace entertained. Hannah also owns and operates a small residential development business in North Carolina which she founded in 2020.