Mim Blower

Content Marketing Manager |

Mim Blower is the content marketing manager at PLF, where she gets to flex both her creative and strategic muscles while advancing liberty. After briefly working outside of the non-profit world, she quickly realized that her work had to be mission-driven or else she wouldn’t get out of bed.

Before coming to PLF, Mim was the senior events producer at Stand Together, where she launched their first (and, so far, only) experiential event activation, Common Ground. Common Ground toured the U.S. and won four awards for leading experiential technology and best campaign for a cause.

Mim’s distrust of government started at a young age as her family navigated the murky waters of the immigration system after emigrating from the Isle of Man to the U.S. This distrust was the catalyst for wanting to improve conditions for Americans by limiting the size and reach of the government.

Outside of work, Mim likes playing with her naughty dog Sisi, who was supposed to stop growing at 35 lbs. but is now 70.