Nathaniel S. Hamilton

Managing Editor DC

Nathaniel Hamilton is the Managing Editor at Pacific Legal Foundation, and he hates writing bios, especially his own.

Nathaniel tells our clients’ stories and educates, entertains, and expands PLF’s audience.

Nathaniel also helps develop the strategy for PLF’s website content and quarterly magazine Sword&Scales. He is constantly looking for risky and innovative ways to fight for PLF’s liberty-expanding mission with written content. PLF’s clients are incredibly brave people and our victories are important: It’s Nathaniel’s job to tell those stories perfectly.

Before PLF, Nathaniel worked at the Illinois Policy Institute and Project Six in Chicago. He studied economics and English at Butler University in Indianapolis, so he stereotypically loves college basketball and IndyCar racing. He also loves reading and writing (obviously) and will gladly recite any Bob Newhart or Smothers Brothers routines.


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April 02, 2020

Ten examples of companies innovating to make our lives better during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused incredible turmoil and pain for millions of people around the world. This uncertainty has inspired many to call for government to step in and fight the spread of COVID-19 and ensure that hospitals and critical industries have the resources and supplies they need. While government policies have a role in ...

February 11, 2020

Women don’t need California’s gender quota to be successful. Statistics say they already are

American women in 2020 are healthier, wealthier, freer, and more prosperous than ever before. America is currently experiencing the lowest female unemployment rate since 1965, along with record rates of female business ownership. In fact, since 1997, the number of female-owned businesses has risen by 114%. The number of women executives has grown n ...

December 26, 2019

California’s war on freelance journalism is unconstitutional

A California law scheduled to go into effect on January 1 threatens the First Amendment rights of nearly every freelance journalist in the Golden State and would likely put thousands of them out of work. Earlier this year, in an effort to regulate the rideshare and "gig" economy, and in response to a recent California ...

December 19, 2019

George Lucas just bought a new California beach home, here’s all the red tape he (and any California homeowner) faces

Filmmaker and sci-fi deity George Lucas recently purchased a $28 million, 2-acre plot of California beachfront land in the city of Carpinteria. Lucas' new land is next door to his existing home in Carpinteria and expands his beachfront property to just under 4 acres. The Star Wars creator hasn't announced what he plans to do ...

December 11, 2019

Some politicians are trying to take away nonprofit donors’ First Amendment right to privacy

The First Amendment protects your right to speak, assemble, and petition the government. Yet there are ways to limit and obstruct speech without banning it. When political leaders want to silence a critic or muzzle a burgeoning cause, they often do so by placing onerous conditions on those who dare to speak. Today, one of ...

July 18, 2019

Championing happy hour (in Virginia and beyond)

The Happy Hour: An opportunity to imbibe a modestly priced cocktail with friends and colleagues. Or as Virginia bureaucrats would describe it: An opportunity for bars and restaurants to lure unsuspecting passersby with dangerous alcohol. For years, Virginia restaurants and bars were banned from advertising happy hour drink prices or from using any ...