Nathaniel S. Hamilton

Managing Editor DC

Nathaniel Hamilton is the Managing Editor at Pacific Legal Foundation, and he hates writing bios, especially his own.

Nathaniel tells our clients’ stories and educates, entertains, and expands PLF’s audience.

Nathaniel also helps develop the strategy for PLF’s website content and quarterly magazine Sword&Scales. He is constantly looking for risky and innovative ways to fight for PLF’s liberty-expanding mission with written content. PLF’s clients are incredibly brave people and our victories are important: It’s Nathaniel’s job to tell those stories perfectly.

Before PLF, Nathaniel worked at the Illinois Policy Institute and Project Six in Chicago. He studied economics and English at Butler University in Indianapolis, so he stereotypically loves college basketball and IndyCar racing. He also loves reading and writing (obviously) and will gladly recite any Bob Newhart or Smothers Brothers routines.


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August 19, 2020

States that suspended Certificate of Need laws saved lives

During the global pandemic, healthcare providers have expanded their ability to care for additional patients by adding beds and ventilators and expanding facilities. But laws in some states prevent providers from taking steps needed to expand care options. Now we have a clear accounting of the costs of these laws: A new working paper by ...

June 19, 2020

2020 has hurt minority small business owners the most

2020 feels like it's following Murphy's law: if something can go wrong, it will. The COVID-19 pandemic has killed hundreds of thousands and cost millions more their jobs, businesses, and way of life. Then, when many Americans were getting ready to go back to work and small business owners were getting ready to open back ...

May 07, 2020

Liberty can rebuild America after COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused incredible uncertainty in so many aspects of people's lives. Unfortunately, but predictably, much of that uncertainty and turmoil has been caused by government policies and actions. Almost as soon as state and federal responses to COVID-19 began, PLF started fielding calls about our thoughts on the emergency orders ...

April 28, 2020

PLF calls on 14 governors to suspend laws that inhibit emergency medical response

In 36 states, medical providers must prove that a new service is "needed" before opening new facilities or purchasing medical equipment. In states with Certificate of Need (CON) laws, health care providers must satisfy this requirement at an onerous hearing where existing providers are invited to show up and testify that the current services are ...

April 16, 2020

To combat COVID-19, Florida must suspend its Certificate of Need Laws

Today, in support of Brewster Ambulance Service, PLF called on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to suspend the state's Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (COPCN) requirement for ambulances. That law puts the interests of incumbent providers above Florida entrepreneurs and consumers and blocks health care providers from providing vital ser ...

April 08, 2020

Certificate of Need laws limited healthcare capacities in the years leading up to COVID-19

Temporary hospitals are popping up all over New York in anticipation of a growing number of coronavirus patients and an undersupply of hospital beds. The U.S. has just 2.8 hospital beds per 1,000 Americans⸺even fewer than Italy (3.2) and drastically lower than South Korea (12.3). But those so-called "field" hospitals, hidden beneath makeshift ten ...