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Who is Pacific Legal Foundation? We are a group of individuals united in our belief that personal liberty is essential to a thriving and prosperous society. We use bold and innovative strategies to challenge burdensome laws in courts and legislatures across the country, and in the hearts and minds of the American public.

Governments at all levels undermine liberty by passing laws that interfere with peoples’ right to freely associate and express themselves, acquire and use property, or earn an honest living. It is daunting for the average person to defend those rights against the government, with its power and access to substantial resources. That’s where we step in. Thanks to our donors’ support, we represent all our clients for free.

We are ambitious—we are willing to take on even the most challenging cases to defend liberty and justice for all. And we’re great at what we do. We’ve secured 9 victories in our last 11 cases before the Supreme Court.

We believe that a freer world is a better world.

Pacific Legal Foundation litigates nationwide to secure all Americans’ inalienable rights to live responsibly and productively in their pursuit of happiness. PLF combines strategic and principled litigation, communications, and research to achieve landmark court victories enforcing the Constitution’s guarantee of individual liberty.


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November 16, 2017

PLF’s First Amendment battle heads to the U.S. Supreme Court

The Supreme Court announced that it will hear a First Amendment challenge to Minnesota's sweeping, speech-stifling restrictions on what can be worn while voting. In this week's episode of PLF's Courting Liberty podcast, hear from case attorney Wen Fa and client Andy Cilek as they break down the importance and gravity of their fight for free speech. ...

November 06, 2017

Seattle decides to continue to violate the First Amendment

In this week's episode of PLF's Courting Liberty podcast, hear from case attorney Ethan Blevins about this decision and how First Amendment rights include both the right to speak and the right not to speak. ...

November 01, 2017

African-American student moves forward with challenge to race-based admissions in St. Louis schools

In the second decade of the 21st century, can an African-American student still be turned away from a public school because of his or her skin color? ...

October 26, 2017

New Orleans unconstitutionally demolishes personal property

"We were blindsided by the city," said PLF client David Garrett. "You deserve at least a phone call or letter from the government—and an opportunity for a hearing—before it sends over a bulldozer. The city's failure to contact us was simply outrageous." ...

October 19, 2017

A victory for common sense in California

California has now rescinded the state's onerous "certificate of authenticity" requirement for the sale of autographed books. Hear directly from Bill and case attorney Anastasia Boden about the impact of this victory for freedom, common sense, and Bill's right to be an upstanding small business owner. ...

October 11, 2017

Justices asked to ensure the EPA’s victims their day in court

The Supreme Court was urged today not to allow the EPA to place itself above the law by arbitrarily restricting judicial review of its regulations. ...