Sean Akey

Digital Coordinator |

Sean Akey is the digital coordinator at Pacific Legal Foundation, where he applies his passion for data, analytics, and systems.

In college, he started a Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) chapter and spearheaded liberty activism events on campus. He served as YAL Maryland State chair for two years, greatly expanding the network in the state. As a senior, he founded Student Judicial Advocates within student government to provide advocacy assistance and resources to students facing disciplinary actions under the student code of conduct and Title IX charges, and to uphold due process rights on campus.

Following a six-year career as a paralegal with a focus in litigation and electronic discovery, he realized his eye for detail, passion for databases, and desire to improve systems would be better applied to the field of marketing.

His focus is to advance PLF’s mission to become a next-generation public interest law firm using data-driven analytics to determine trends and target audiences, as well as to develop marketing automation processes which will connect to the firm the audiences that want to engage with PLF.

When he isn’t plugged into Salesforce and WordPress, he enjoys spending time with his wife and cat, traveling, modifying his computers, vacationing with family in Rhode Island, catching up on the Red Sox with his father, and taking long walks in his favorite city: Old Town Alexandria.