Will Yeatman

Senior Legal Fellow |

Will Yeatman is a senior legal fellow on PLF’s Constitutional Scholarship team, where he helps take the fight for individual liberty to the modern-day leviathan known as the administrative state.

Will came to the liberty movement as a result of his Peace Corps service in Central Asia. Upon witnessing firsthand how generations of statist rule can erode the instinct for free markets and individual freedom, he realized liberty must be defended if it is to flourish.

Following his time abroad, he joined the Competitive Enterprise Institute, specializing in environmental policy. While at CEI, Will also pursued a law degree at the Georgetown University Law Center. After graduating, he moved to the Cato Institute’s Center for Constitutional Studies, where he put his legal education to work, writing amicus briefs on controversies that involve administrative law doctrine, in addition to researching regulatory reform.

Will has testified many times before Congress and state legislatures, and he is a frequent contributor to major media outlets. His scholarly work has appeared in such academic journals as Georgetown Law Journal, Cato Supreme Court Review, and Appalachian Natural Resources Law Journal. His popular writing has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Foreign Policy, and Bloomberg.

He holds a BA in environmental sciences from the University of Virginia, an MA in international studies from Denver University, and a JD from the Georgetown University Law Center.

Will lives in Washington, DC, with his wife Nicole and their two sons. When he’s not spending time with his family, he reads and collects short horror fiction.