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Tag: AB 21

July 16, 2010

Ward Connerly discusses PLF's recent victory

Author: Joshua Thompson published a great editorial by Ward Connerly today. The editorial revolves around PLF's recent victory in Connerly v. California. In recent years, especially since the national debate began about illegal immigration, there has much discussion about the "rule of law" and its significance in a civiliz ...

June 29, 2010

Hearing this week in Connerly v. Schwarzenegger

Author: Joshua Thompson On Friday, July 2, I will be in the Sacramento Superior Court arguing the case of Connerly v. Schwarzenegger.   Pacific Legal Foundation is representing Ward Connerly and the American Civil Rights Foundation in their challenge regarding the constitutionality of various public contracting statutes.  This cas ...

June 01, 2010

Update on PLF's lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of AB 21

Author: Joshua Thompson Last October Pacific Legal Foundation filed a writ of mandate directly in the court appeal challenging the constitutionality of Assembly Bill 21 (AB 21).  AB 21 requires the state to grant race and sex based preferences for a number of different public building contracts.   What makes this ...

October 16, 2009

PLF files new Proposition 209 lawsuit directly in California Court of Appeal

Author: Joshua Thompson PLF filed a lawsuit today against a number of California agencies and officials including Governor Schwarzenegger and Attorney General Brown.  The lawsuit alleges that the recently enacted Assembly Bill 21 (AB 21), grants preferences on the basis of race and sex in public contracting.  You can read PLF' ...