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Tag: AB976

September 10, 2013

California legislature kills Coastal Commission power grab

After months of lobbying by the California Coastal Commission and its anti-property-rights allies in the Legislature, this afternoon, the California Assembly voted “no” on AB 976.  The bill would have given that heavy-handed agency the power to levy hefty fines on property owners for alleged violations of the Coastal Act, without hav ...

June 06, 2013

California Coastal Commission legislative update

In the past fortnight, we’ve seen two interesting developments in pending bills in the California Legislature to expand the authority of the California Coastal Commission.  Assembly Bill 203, proposed by rookie Assemblyman (and former commissioner) Mark Stone, would have forbidden the issuance of any new coastal development permit if the sit ...

April 03, 2013

California Legislature considers coastal bills

Last week, PLF Principal Attorney, Paul Beard, reported on two troubling bills introduced in February that would amend the California Coastal Act to drastically expand the powers of the California Coastal Commission.  Monday, I attended the hearing of the California Assembly Committee on Natural Resources to live tweet the progress of AB976 and AB ...