Hawkes and the future of real property litigation

July 28, 2016 | By MARK MILLER

This afternoon I will speak at The Breakers Resort in Palm Beach about United States Army Corps of Engineers v. Hawkes Company with the Florida Bar’s Real Property, Probate, & Trust Law Section’s Real Property Litigation committee. For real property litigators, Hawkes changes the rules of engagement when dealing with federal regul ...


PLF's Mark Miller on San Francisco radio this Sunday

July 09, 2016 | By MARK MILLER

PLF attorney Mark Miller will appear on Bob Zadek‘s radio show tomorrow morning to discuss the Hawkes case. Bob and Mark will discuss what this unanimous win at the Supreme Court means for landowners and what it says about the Supreme Court’s view of the regulatory state. If you’re in the Bay Area, then tune your radio dial &# ...


Bureaucrats shouldn't be able to escape legal scrutiny

June 09, 2016 | By JONATHAN WOOD

Yesterday, Townhall published my op-ed highlighting the importance of PLF’s big, unanimous Supreme Court win in our Hawkes case (and its predecessor, Sackett) and whether these cases foreshadow anything for one of our cases currently pending before the Court. As regular readers know, the Supreme Court ruled in PLF’s favor in Hawkes, ho ...


Hawkes set for oral argument at SCOTUS on March 30th

February 08, 2016 | By MARK MILLER

The Supreme Court of the United States recently scheduled oral argument in United States Army Corps of Engineers v. Hawkes Co., Inc., for Wednesday, March 30, 2016. M.Reed Hopper, our lead environmental attorney at Pacific Legal Foundation, will argue the case, and I will serve as his co-counsel. Reed is no stranger to the Supreme Court, … ...