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Tag: BIA Bay Area v Oakland

March 09, 2018

PLF appeals Oakland art decision to Ninth Circuit

This week PLF appealed the district court’s decision in BIA Bay Area v. City of Oakland to the Ninth Circuit. This case challenges Oakland’s law compelling home builders to buy art commissions from (preferably local) artists if they want a building permit. This law violates the First Amendment, by compelling artistic speech, and the Fif ...

February 05, 2018

Court rules First Amendment allows cities to force property owners to patronize and publicly display artworks

The City of Oakland in California is forcing property owners to patronize and publicly display artworks. ...

July 23, 2015

PLF sues to stop unconstitutional public art fee on new homes

Today’s money-no-object urban planning elite have a long list of things they think no modern city should be without, but many have no money to buy the stuff on their list. And, city residents tend not to support tax increases to pay for many of these priorities, even if they support someone else paying for it. So city bureaucrats turn ...