Bureaucrats abdicate duty 233 times. PLF sues.

February 24, 2016 | By WENCONG FA

The California Endangered Species Act charges the California Department of Fish and Wildlife with the task of conducting status reviews for endangered and threatened species at least once every five years. The Department has listed 235 species as endangered or threatened for more than five years. It has only conducted status reviews for two of the ...


PLF victory for recreational fishing

February 10, 2015 | By JOSHUA THOMPSON

This morning, the California Court of Appeal issued its long-awaited decision in California Association for Recreational Fishing v. Department of Fish & Wildlife. PLF represented California’s recreational fishing interests in a challenge to regulations adopted by the Department in an Environmental Impact Report it certified in 2010. Th ...


California fish and wildlife department follows PLF advice on stream flow recommendations

June 07, 2013 | By TONY FRANCOIS

We have reported here and here on the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s efforts to impose water diversion limits on Scott Creek in Santa Cruz County, by revising existing streamflow recommendations. Last week, PLF (joined by representatives of the California Cattlemen’s Association and Western Growers) met with the Department ...


California agency appeals from order barring it from regulating water rights

May 10, 2013 | By TONY FRANCOIS

Last December we reported on Siskiyou County Farm Bureau’s court victory against the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.  The Department was demanding that farmers and ranchers seek a permit under the Fish and Game Code simply to exercise their valid existing water rights, and the Farm Bureau sued to protect its members’ water ...


Can a wildlife agency create water that doesn't exist?

April 05, 2013 | By TONY FRANCOIS

A previous post summarizes the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s ongoing improper effort to regulate water rights through minimum streamflow recommendations.  First the Department published the proposed restrictions for comment, then withdrew them from comment, saying that they were going to revise the recommendations. This week a ...


PLF appeals decision upholding Department of Fish and Game’s illegal fish stocking regulations

April 04, 2013 | By JONATHAN WOOD

Today, PLF filed an appeal on behalf of the California Association for Recreational Fishing, challenging regulations imposed illegally by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.  These regulations threaten the ability of private hatcheries and private fishing lakes and ponds to remain in business.  They also deprive the people of the stat ...


California department of fish and wildlife backs off on limiting water diversions, for now

March 08, 2013 | By TONY FRANCOIS

Last December we reported on a court victory for the Siskiyou County Farm Bureau, in which the court ordered the Department of Fish and GameWildlife not to use its streambed alteration permits to regulate water diversions under valid water rights.  While this is a great success, the Department has other tools it can use to try … ...