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Tag: Center for Equal Opportunity

October 11, 2013

PLF files amicus brief in Fisher v. University of Texas

Today, Pacific Legal Foundation filed this amicus brief in Fisher v. University of Texas—which is in the Fifth Circuit after being remanded from the Supreme Court last summer.  We were joined on the brief by the American Civil Rights Institute (ACRI), the Center for Equal Opportunity (CEO), Individual Rights Foundation (IRF), Reason Foundati ...

February 12, 2013

PLF counsels the Council to not use race

PLF and our friends at the Center for Equal Opportunity (CEO) frequently send letters to local governments that are considering whether to adopt discriminatory race- and sex- based contracting preferences.   These letters urge local governments to refrain from classifying individuals on the basis of race.   Local construction contracts should g ...

December 08, 2010

Are Hawaiians an Indian tribe?

Author: Joshua Thompson Our friends over at the Center for Equal Opportunity have shed some light on some shady tactics by our lame-duck congress.  It seems that the outgoing members might try to push through the "Akaka Bill."  That Bill attempts to get native Hawaiians classified as Indian tribes so that preferences granted b ...

July 20, 2010

PLF provides model brief for contractors facing discrimination

Author: Joshua Thompson Pacific Legal Foundation and the Center for Equal Opportunity have worked together to create a model brief for use by contractors that are the victims of governmental discrimination.  This model brief outlines the most important arguments to include when challenging a public contracting program that discriminates again ...

April 01, 2010

PLF case discussed in the Wall Street Journal

Author: Joshua Thompson The Wall Street Journal published a story on the Fisher v. University of Texas case earlier this week.  The briefing has now concluded in that case, and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals should be setting an oral argument date shortly.  PLF filed a amicus brief in the case which was joined ...

July 27, 2009

Roger Clegg hits the nail on the head

Author: Joshua Thompson  Roger Clegg, President of the Center for Equal Opportunity, has a very good piece on The National Review Online, reviewing a piece in The Washington Post.  Mr. Clegg has worked with PLF attorneys in the past, (see here, or here) and is nationally-known for his insight into race-preferences, Equal Pro ...

July 07, 2009

PLF attorney discusses recent Supreme Court decision

Author: Joshua Thompson PLF Principal Attorney Sharon Browne is currently being featured on the Federalist Society's website dicussing the Supreme Court's recent decision in Northwest Austin Municipal Utility District No. 1 v. Holder.  Northwest Austin was expected to be a landmark decision regarding the constitutionality of the Votin ...