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August 25, 2016

It's Back to School Choice Week on Courting Liberty

PLF’s Director of Communications Harold Johnson is joined by PLF Principal Attorney Joshua Thompson to discuss Pacific Legal Foundation’s Back To School Choice Week. The conversation also highlights many of the ongoing cases in courts across the United States where PLF is working in the name of school choice. The week is designed to bri ...

August 21, 2014

Teachers' union opposes law to help the disabled

Sometimes I fall into the trap of believing that teachers’ unions think they have the best interests of the children when they oppose school choice initiatives, but then I remember that such a belief is a fairy tale.  Teachers’ unions, like other unions, exist to protect the interests of their members: teachers. Their own websites ...

February 23, 2010

Defending School Choice

Author: Joshua Thompson Over at, Senator Bob Huff has a great defense of the District of Choice program.  He writes: "The District of Choice program infuses free market principles into this system and breaks down the arbitrary school district boundaries by allowing kids to transfer to other schools. The very possibility of ...