California Supreme Court will review controversial tax decision

June 30, 2016 | By MERIEM L. HUBBARD

Last month, Pacific Legal Foundation filed a letter brief urging the California Supreme Court to review a decision denying taxpayers the right to vote on taxes imposed by initiative. Yesterday, the Court agreed to review the decision in California Cannabis Coalition v. City of Upland. The question before the Court is as follows:  Can the proponen ...


A new threat to the right to vote on taxes in California

May 31, 2016 | By MERIEM L. HUBBARD

Three times California voters have approved initiatives to limit the ability of local governments to impose new taxes without voter consent.  The California Tax Revolt began in 1978 when voters adopted Proposition 13 to control property tax increases.  On June 6, 1978, the largest turnout of California voters since 1958 resoundingly approved the ...