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Tag: Clarence Thomas

October 28, 2016

Justice Thomas at 25 years on the bench

Justice Thomas is one of the most ardent supporters of our Constitution and the principles found in the Declaration of Independence and so it was fitting that he presented the prestigious Joseph Story Distinguished Lecture at the Heritage Foundation earlier this week. For those of who believe that fidelity to the original meaning of the ...

May 02, 2012

Is Justice Scalia the truer originalist?

Prof. Lee Strang has published an article in the University of Detroit Mercy Law Review arguing that Justice Antonin Scalia is  more faithful to the doctrine of "original intent" than is Justice Clarence Thomas. The argument, though, seems pretty strange to me. Strang's logic is as follows: the original intent of the framers was for ...

March 02, 2011

How consistent is the Left's Scalia-Thomas hatred?

Author:  Damien M. Schiff It has been common for some time among the legal Left to lambaste the Roberts Court's conservative wing, especially Justices Scalia and Thomas, for decisions that allegedly reflect more their personal preferences than the laws' dictates.  That criticism seems to me at least to be heightened in part beca ...

May 04, 2010

Diversity quandry: Woman or African-American?

Author: Joshua Thompson New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is drawing some heat for failing to re-appoint Justice John Wallace to New Jersey's Supreme Court.  You see, Justice Wallace is an African-American, so Governor Christie's decision is receiving criticism "because Wallace would at least diversify the bench." Of course ...