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Tag: code enforcement

January 06, 2018

Weekly litigation report—January 6, 2017

A win for property owners throughout California, Another twist in another abusive wetlands prosecution, and PLF files its opening brief in a First Amendment case before the Supreme Court. ...

January 02, 2018

A win for property owners throughout California

For years, Oakland has treated small property owners as a piggy bank, demanding ever growing penalties for minor, alleged building code violations and denying property owners any legitimate opportunity to defend themselves. But thanks to a PLF victory in the California Court of Appeal, that abuse will come to an end. ...

December 16, 2017

Weekly litigation report—December 16, 2017

PLF supports property owners' right to a jury in federal takings cases, Code violations should not be a city's no-appeal cash machine, and Courts should rule in the best interests of Indian children—just like other children are treated. ...