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Tag: delay damages

October 03, 2012

Birnbaum gets support from friends of the court

While we wait for the Supreme Court of Washington to decide whether it will review Birnbaum v. Pierce County, I thought it might be nice to give some attention to two amicus briefs that were filed in support of our petition for review.  As a refresher, here’s the issue in the case as I described ...

September 12, 2012

New video highlights Birnbaum case

In our latest video, PLF client Wendy Birnbaum explains how PLF is helping her seek a legal remedy for bureaucratic delay.  ...

April 16, 2012

PLF convinces court of appeals to limit troublesome land use decision

Earlier today, Division One of Washington's Court of Appeals issued a published decision in Birnbaum v. Pierce County, a case that asked whether a landowner could recover damages for government misfeasance during the permit review process. ...