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Tag: economic liberties

April 10, 2015

President's weekly report — April 10, 2015

Wetlands — Major victory in the 8th Circuit The 8th Circuit handed us this major victory today in Hawkes v. United States.  The decision is a wonder to read because the court “got it.”  It understood that requiring a landowner to seek a wetlands permit when the landowner doesn’t think there are any jurisdictional wetlands ...

February 20, 2015

President's weekly report on the law and Dickens — February 20, 2015

Economic Liberty Project — Challenging another competitor’s veto We filed this complaint this week challenging Nevada’s version of a competitor’s veto in Perlman v. Mackay.  Here the owners of an limousine and moving services would like to expand in Nevada — but can only do so if existing businesses do not object.  ...

April 02, 2010

Economic liberty and the pencil

Author: Joshua Thompson On this date, April 2, all the way back in 1827,  Joseph Dixon began manufacturing lead pencils.  What does this have to do with economic liberties you ask?  Well, one of my favorite pieces written on the utility and necessity of free enterprise is titled, I, Pencil.  It is a short essay written ...