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Tag: Freedom

July 12, 2015

Grateful for freedom

I decided it was not too late to blog about the Fourth of July—despite it having passed a week ago—once I realized that an iconic American beauty of a rock band celebrated its demise 20 years after that band, you know, actually demised. You say 20 years late is okay, I say a week late is okay— ...

March 18, 2015

Americans to the U.S. Forest Service: don't shut us out of our national forests

In a democracy, there are few things more troublesome to the body politic (or to just plain folks) than bureaucrats who ingest large doses of self-importance while trying to expand their limited powers.  If it weren’t so dangerous, it’d be pitiful. ...

October 06, 2014

If a tree falls in the forest, don't take a selfie with it

Last month, the Forest Service proposed a regulation that would require permits costing as much as $1500 to take photographs or film on Forest Service land. The public response has been overwhelmingly negative I tried but couldn’t make the sentence long enough for all the criticism…. To put this simply enough that a Forest Service ...

August 19, 2014

School choice saves money

Government spends $632 billion a year on public schools. That’s almost 20% of all government spending. Although most of the focus of Back to School Choice Week is, rightly, on the benefits to students, school choice also promises to bring that number down substantially. As PLF recently explained in a brief to the Alabama Supreme ...

May 16, 2013

Is the environment made for humans or vice versa?

Today PLF filed a motion for summary judgment in federal district court to reverse the government’s decision to prohibit motorized travel on hundreds of miles of roads and trails in Tahoe National Forest. Historically, these routes were available to individuals who wanted to experience the natural pleasures afforded by the forest. In a misgui ...

September 11, 2012

Remembering 9/11

It's been 11 years since the twin towers fell on 9/11. Pain from that day is still felt in the hearts of countless Americans. But in spite of the pain, in the wake of the horrors and agony and heroism, something remarkable happened: Americans remembered the reasons we love and defend our country. Dusting off ...

March 23, 2012

Everything’s illegal! Yes, even feeding the homeless

When government bureaucrats start shutting down lemonade stands and hassling five year olds for operating without a permit, you know we have a problem. When they make acts of charity illegal, you have to question if we've hit rock bottom. Long time readers of this blog know about government's war on freedom and liberty. Think ...

March 02, 2012

Pacific Legal Foundation celebrates 39th anniversary!

Pacific Legal Foundation was founded on March 5, 1973.  On Monday, we will be celebrating 39 years of fighting for freedom, and wish to thank all of those who have supported us over the years with their donations, their time, their energy, their work, their commitment, and their moral support. If you would like to ...

February 24, 2012

February 24: National Public Interest Law Day!

Pacific Legal Foundation has unilaterally declared that today, February 24th, should be recognized as National Public Interest Law Day!  Here is why, from PLF’s Director of Litigation, James S. Burling: When people think of the American Revolution, they don't immediately think about lawsuits.  But if it were not for the tradition of public ...

December 22, 2011

PLF board member Charles Trainor receives PLF's inaugural "Foundation of Freedom" award

At our December Gala, held in Sacramento on December 1, 2011, PLF inaugurated an annual award, the “Foundation of Freedom” award.  In this first year, PLF named Charles Trainor, who has served on PLF’s Board of Trustees for many years, as our first recipient.  To find out more about the award, and why Mr. Trainor ...