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Tag: green jobs

January 12, 2011

Will new greenhouse gas rule eliminate green jobs?

Author: Daniel Himebaugh Washington State Representative Jeff Morris (D-Mount Vernon) writes in The Seattle Times that a new EPA rule — the Greenhouse Gas Tailoring Rule — will cost Washington up to 26,000 green jobs, and hurt more than 130 renewable-energy projects.  Morris says that the new rule "will regulate emissions fro ...

March 15, 2010

Green jobs and snake oil

Author: Brandon Middleton Apropos of my colleague Damien Schiff's post on enviromental regulation and wealth, I found this comment by Megan McArdle amusing: But green jobs have become the ginseng of progressive politics: a sort of broad-spectrum snake oil that cures whatever happens to ail you. They are the antidote to economic malaise, an unde ...