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Tag: Guy Fawkes

November 05, 2016

Weekly litigation report — November 5, 2016 (Guy Fawkes edition)

Regulatory Guidance on wetlands Jurisdictional Determinations West Hollywood shakedown — Property Rights Palo Alto shakedown — Property Rights Florida island taken in the Keys — Property Rights A California tax-limitation up in smoke up in Upland Endangered Species Act — wolves into New Mexico Alchemy — Wetlands and  ...

November 05, 2012

Before you put on that V for Vendetta mask…

The English holiday known as Guy Fawkes Day has become surprisingly fashionable in recent years—thanks largely to the success of the book and film V for Vendetta. In the Old Country, it's become a harmless autumn festival of bonfires and apples, but the political edge that some people are giving to Guy Fawkes today, both ...