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Tag: judicial takings

August 04, 2017

Secure property rights are the key to conservation

Too often, property rights and conservation are treated as if they are in tension. But, in reality, property rights are a proven means to encourage responsible stewardship, resolve conflicts over limited resources, and empower environmentalists to protect resources they value. To achieve these positive environmental ends, however, property rights m ...

August 23, 2010

Washington's supreme court orders a landowner to sell his property to neighbors

Author: Brian T. Hodges They say that bad facts make bad law.  Well, here's a doozy.  Noel Proctor and Ford and Christina Huntington purchased neighboring parcels in Southern Washington.  The Huntingtons unwittingly built their home approximately 400 feet onto Proctor's land.  Proctor discovered the encroachment and unsucces ...