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Tag: Justice Kennedy

June 27, 2018

Justice Kennedy left his mark on American liberty

For nearly the entirety of Pacific Legal Foundation's history, Justice Kennedy has been on the bench. We first appeared before him when he was a judge on the Ninth Circuit and PLF was mostly litigating in California. And then, for the past 30 years, PLF attorneys argued before him many times at the Supreme Court ...

June 24, 2017

Weekly litigation report — June 24, 2017

Supreme Court goes squishy on property rights Free speech includes freedom to insult Free speech means letting high school kids be high school kids Howling at the wolf listing Doing time even if you didn’t know you committed the crime  Washington appellate court rules that property is not protected by the constitution End-run around arbitra ...

April 06, 2011

Supreme Court decision is an important victory for school choice

Author: Joshua Thompson As initially blogged about on Monday, the Supreme Court issued its decision in Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization v. Winn this week. And, upon closer inspection, my initial hesitation to claim a full victory for school choice proponents was not warranted.  By narrowing the availability of taxpaye ...