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Tag: Kaiser Eagle Mountain

March 28, 2011

Supreme Court declines to review controversial Ninth Circuit land exchange decision

Author: Brandon Middleton This morning the Supreme Court declined a private company's request to review a Ninth Circuit decision which invalidated a land exchange between the private company and the Bureau of Land Management. The land exchange would have allowed Kaiser, the private company, to develop a landfill in Riverside County.  The ...

March 02, 2011

Yet another sign that the Obama administration really isn't "pro-business"

Author: Brandon Middleton Instapundit linked today to this article by James Pethokoukis, in which Pethokoukis explains why 3M president and CEO George Buckley isn't fond of the trend to label President Obama as "pro-business": Buckley has good reason to wonder aloud about Obama's pre-election year conversion from nemesis to friend of ...

July 31, 2010

9th Circuit declines to rehear National Parks & Conservation Assoc. v. BLM (Kaiser Eagle Mountain case)

Author: Brandon Middleton Yesterday the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals declined to reconsider its November 2009 decision in National Parks & Conservation Assoc. v. Bureau of Land Management (available here), in which it held that a BLM land exchange with Kaiser Eagle Mountain, Inc., was improper under the National Environmental Policy Act. The ...