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April 09, 2015

Victory for charter school students in lawsuit against LAUSD

The California Supreme Court issued its long-awaited decision in California Charter Schools Association v. Los Angeles Unified School District. This case concerns how school districts are to properly comply with Proposition 39 — an initiative adopted by voters to ensure that charter school students are treated fairly when school districts a ...

February 06, 2015

Oral argument held in CCSA v. LAUSD

On Wednesday, PLF attorneys attended the California Supreme Court argument in California Charter Schools Association v. Los Angeles Unified School District. Fortunately for us, the California Supreme Court was meeting in Sacramento this week, so we could just walk a couple blocks to the courtroom.  And for school choice advocates like us, it wa ...

January 27, 2015

NSCW 2015 — Upcoming hearing in California Supreme Court on charter schools

Over a year ago, PLF filed a California Supreme Court brief in California Charter Schools Association v. LAUSD. Right in time for National School Choice Week, the Court issued an order last week setting the case for oral argument on February 4.  After oral argument, the case is “submitted” and the court will have 90 days to issue ...

November 13, 2013

The survival of California charter schools is at stake

Yesterday, PLF filed this brief in California Charter Schools Association v. Los Angeles Unified School District.  It is impossible to overstate how important this case is for the future of charter schools in California.  The issue in this case is whether a school district is free to devise its own methods for complying with the voter-approved ...

August 23, 2013

#Back2SchoolChoice — Protecting charter schools in California

Thanks for joining us this week for Back to School Choice Week.  All week we discussed PLF cases, important ideas in school choice, and explained why supporting choice in education is vitally important for American students.  We discussed a lot of these issues in this school choice podcast as well. In this final installment, I wanted to ...

April 22, 2013

Charter school students deserve to have their schools treated fairly

An editorial in Saturday’s Washington Post demonstrates that the denial of charter school equity is a nationwide problem.  The article reports that, on average, charter schools receive $13,000 less per pupil than their system run competitors.  For example, in D.C., where charter schools are legally entitled to be treated on an equal footing ...

April 17, 2013

California Supreme Court to hear important charter school case

We learned some great news this afternoon as the California Supreme Court agreed to hear California Charter School Association v. LASUD.  You can read all about the case — and PLF’s brief to the Supreme Court — here.  This will be the first time that the California Supreme Court has interpreted Proposition 39, CaliforniaR ...

April 05, 2013

It's time for Supreme Court guidance on Proposition 39

This morning, PLF filed this letter brief asking the California Supreme Court to review the court of appeal’s decision in California Charter Schools Association v. Los Angeles Unified School District.  The case has to do with how charter schools are supposed to be treated when school districts are allocating facilities.  In California, cha ...