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Tag: licensing

April 21, 2018

Weekly litigation report — April 21, 2018

Florida turns a deaf ear to economic liberty Today we filed this complaint in Taylor v. Pohill, which challenges Florida's outdated licensing requirements for sellers of hearing aids.  Our client, Dan Taylor, gave up his license after 30 years, because the state's regulations were made for older models, not the updated, technologically sophisticat ...

June 30, 2014

Nevada bureaucrats: we need to "vet" people before they exercise First Amendment rights

Retired Police Detective and PLF client Troy Castillo The right to speak freely isn’t just for political candidates; it’s also a central part of the right to earn a living. That’s why PLF’s Economic Liberty Project is in court fighting for Troy Castillo’s right to work as a private investigator without being subject ...

June 26, 2013

St. Louis license requirement has street performers singing the blues

The Missouri Watchdog had this article yesterday about the lawsuit challenging St. Louis’ requirement that street performers audition before a city official before they can get licenses to perform. We filed a friend of the court brief arguing that the law is unconstitutionally vague even aside from its obvious First Amendment problems. From ...

June 17, 2013

PLF joins with ACLU to defend the rights of St. Louis street performers

If you want to play a guitar on a street corner in St. Louis, you have to get a license. That's not so unusual—but what is unusual is that unlike just about any other place, in St. Louis you also have to audition before a city bureaucrat, who gets to decide whether or not you're ...

April 29, 2013

Silence may be golden, but silencing Gold Dealers is not

In Ohio, you are free to buy gold without having special government permission to do so…as long as you don’t talk about it.  Once you tell others that you buy precious metals, by placing advertisements in your store windows or handing out business cards to potential customers, the state may subject you to fines and ...

February 06, 2012

No working–by order of the Licensing Board

Even while PLF challenges the constitutionality of Missouri’s anti-competitive licensing law for movers, the state is considering adopting still more restrictions on the right to earn a living. ...

February 06, 2012

Licensing for…pet groomers?

The Reason Foundation's Adam Summers notes the latest bad idea to hit California: a bill to impose licensing laws on pet groomers. The bill would establish minimum age and education requirements for potential licensees (18 years old and at least a 10th grade education), impose licensing fees, and charge the licensing board with developing standardi ...