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Tag: limited government

November 15, 2016

New Jersey places a bet on the Constitution

States are not puppets of the federal government, to be manipulated to accomplish whatever policy the federal government might prefer. If they were, both individual liberty and political accountability would be compromised. That’s why our Constitution forbids the feds from requiring states to govern according to federal instructions. That ven ...

September 13, 2016

Does congressional silence mean more freedom or more bureaucracy?

Judges often defer to the government’s interpretations of its own power. PLF fights this trend because it upsets the balance of separated powers and threatens liberty. But recently, in a case called Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association v. Perez, judicial deference slumped to a new low. ...

July 31, 2016

Is this the summer of our discontent?

Adherents of free markets and limited government have much to be gloomy about this year. Is now the summer of our discontent, made piteous winter by the loss of Scalia, increasing terrorist attacks, and concern about whether the next president will exceed the abuses of the past? Our concerns run deep, but we who fight ...

October 28, 2014

Dictators of the dump

What do a bureaucrat, an identity thief, and a street bum have in common? They all want to pick through your rubbish. Seattle recently announced that it will fine individuals and businesses whenever compostable material accounts for over ten percent of their waste. Trash collectors will inspect bins and ticket folks who throw out too much ...

September 17, 2014

Happy Constitution Day 2014

Today Americans celebrate the 227th anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution by the delegates of the Philadelphia Convention in 1787. Only three delegates who stayed to the end declined to sign the document and two of those, George Mason and Elbridge Gerry, later supported it with the promise that a bill of ...

July 01, 2010

Doll-claration of independence

Author: Lana Harfoush Earlier this month, I recommended a few films adapted from liberty-friendly literary works to the big screen. Though Pixar's latest Toy Story 3 is not an adaptation, rather the final chapter of the trilogy, it is one of the summer's most popular movies. In fact, Walt Disney Co. estimated that $153.8 million ...

March 03, 2010

The Economist's lamentable ignorance

Author:  Damien M. Schiff In a brief online article published Monday, The Economist reviewed a New York Times article (about which I blogged here) that purports to explain how recent Supreme Court decisions interpreting the Clean Water Act have seriously constrained the power of the federal government to regulate water quality.  Well, s ...

December 17, 2009

We meant what we said: Washington Supreme Court tells administrative agency that it lacks authority to make law … again … and again

Author: Brian T. Hodges In a representative democracy, government agencies should be required to operate within strictly defined constitutional and statutory limits. For over a decade, however, the growth management hearings boards (administrative agencies established to review challenges to local comprehensive plan updates) have ignored this funda ...