Wal-Mart, Merrill Lynch, class actions, and disparate impact, oh my!

August 28, 2012 | By JOSHUA THOMPSON

Today, PLF filed this amicus brief  in the Supreme Court in support of certiorari in Merrill Lynch v. McReynolds.  This is a very interesting case that crosses over into two PLF projects: Free Enterprise and Equality Under the Law. In Merrill Lynch, disgruntled employees are suing Merrill Lynch for disparate impact discrimination.  They allege ...


The sad, unsurprising end to McReynolds v. Merrill Lynch

September 10, 2013 | By JOSHUA THOMPSON

Last year, PLF was involved in a disparate impact case against Merrill Lynch.  In that case, a number of low-level brokers brought a Title VII disparate impact case against Merrill Lynch arguing that the company’s “teaming” and “account distribution” policies were causing a disparate impact on the basis of race.  The ...