Unions seek exemption to union-backed minimum wage law

May 27, 2015 | By JOSHUA THOMPSON

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that labor unions are seeking an exemption to the minimum wage rule that they helped pushed through. In a statement dripping with irony, Rusty Hicks, who heads the county Federation of Labor, explained why union-negotiated contracts should get the exemption: “With a collective bargaining agreement, a busi ...


Update : PLF attorney Anastasia Boden to appear on the Andy Caldwell show

September 02, 2014 | By ANASTASIA BODEN

I’ll be speaking September 3rd at 4:30 pm PDT on the Andy Caldwell show about Labor Day and the right to earn a living.  You can stream the broadcast online here. … ...


Labor day and the right to earn a living

September 01, 2014 | By ANASTASIA BODEN

Most everyone who sees suffering wishes they could do something about it, but often times this sympathetic impulse leads people to jump to quick fix policies without thinking about the consequences. Take for example, the minimum wage. … ...