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September 17, 2016

For entrepreneurs, parents, and property owners, every day is Constitution Day

The Washington Times and New Hampshire Union Leader have published my Constitution Day op-ed, which details why the Constitution is vital—not just today, but every day.  The Constitution is what makes PLF’s job possible, and allows us to fight back on behalf of entrepreneurs or property owners when overreaching bureaucrats deprive them ...

January 28, 2015

NSCW 2015 — Cato Institute video with PLF amicus clients

In the battle over New Hampshire’s tax credit law, PLF represented the New Hampshire legislators who drafted, sponsored, and fought for the bill.  After the law was adopted — over the Governor’s veto — a lawsuit was brought by the teachers’ union challenging the constitutionality of the bill.  Last August, the New Ha ...

August 28, 2014

New Hampshire school choice victory

This morning, the New Hampshire Supreme Court upheld the state’s landmark Education Tax Credit Program. The Program allows businesses to claim a tax credit on their tax bill for donations to tuition scholarship organizations approved by the state. Those organizations, in turn, provide scholarships to low-income students to attend public or ...

August 18, 2014

School choice empowers parents

As kids across America head back to school it seems like the perfect time for Pacific Legal Foundation to celebrate Back to School Choice Week. The school choice movement has been under way for decades, and some states have made tremendous progress.  But we still have much to do, as nothing is more important for a parent ...

August 18, 2014

Back to School Choice Week 2014

For the second consecutive year, PLF is celebrating Back to School Choice Week.  All this week on the Liberty Blog we will be discussing cases that PLF is working on that give parents and students a choice in where and how their child is educated.  School choice has many forms including charter schools, vouchers, and education ...

February 04, 2014

New Hampshire businesses forced to take back money donated for school choice

Here is some very sad news out of New Hampshire.  As you recall, PLF has filed multiple briefs in New Hampshire, supporting that state’s recently enacted tax credit program.  We represent the primary legislators that worked to pass one of the nation’s premier school choice initiatives. The program allows businesses to donate up to $10 ...

January 30, 2014

PLF and school choice

As PLF continues to celebrate School Choice Week 2014, here’s a look at some of the important school choice cases that we litigated last year: ...

November 12, 2013

The fight for school choice in New Hampshire goes to the Supreme Court

Today, we submitted this brief to the New Hampshire Supreme Court in support of the state's recently enacted school choice law. Last year, the New Hampshire legislature overwhelmingly adopted a tax credit program – even overriding the governor's veto to bring educational choice to New Hampshire students. This New Hampshire tax credit program prov ...

August 21, 2013

#Back2SchoolChoice — What are tax credits?

When most people hear about school choice, they typically think about vouchers.  Vouchers are basically a check that parents receive from the state that they can use to send their children to private schools.  The check, or “voucher,” can be used by parents to send their children to either sectarian or secular schools.  The anti-cho ...

June 17, 2013

Decision in New Hampshire school choice case: the good and the bad

Today the New Hampshire Superior Court issued a whopping 45-page order in the state’s education tax credit program case.  Judge John M. Lewis ruled that the program is constitutional as long as the scholarships are not used to cover educational expenses of “schools or institutions of any religious sect or denomination.”  In oth ...