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Tag: nonconforming

June 26, 2012

Seattle’s wheel of irony

Seattle's newest waterfront attraction, the so-called "Great Wheel," is a sadly ironic reminder of how truly messed up our priorities are in the Pacific Northwest.  At the same time that we are glorying at the Great Wheel, local governments across the state are adopting shoreline regulations declaring waterfront homes "nonconforming uses," with t ...

October 19, 2010

Non-conforming use designations: “the new black” for bureaucrats?

Author: Brian T. Hodges Regulation for its own sake only leads to more regulation.  Case in point:  Washington State's land use scheme.  The state's Growth Management Act was adopted in 1990 and 1991 to require all local governments to engage in land use planning by requiring them to adopt comprehensive plans and development regul ...