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November 14, 2017

Property rights are key to protecting Maine’s rockweed ecosystem

the Maine Supreme Judicial Court will hear oral argument in a case that, befitting the season, is a cornucopia of PLF issues. ...

November 06, 2017

The Supreme Court should restore federalism to its rightful place. Utah’s prairie dogs depend on it.

This weekend, Senator Mike Lee of Utah and I had an article in the Wall Street Journal urging the Supreme Court to hear People for the Ethical Treatment of Property Owners v. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. ...

August 04, 2017

Secure property rights are the key to conservation

Too often, property rights and conservation are treated as if they are in tension. But, in reality, property rights are a proven means to encourage responsible stewardship, resolve conflicts over limited resources, and empower environmentalists to protect resources they value. To achieve these positive environmental ends, however, property rights m ...

February 15, 2013

Are ecology and economics reconcilable?

The latest issue of PERC Reports explores whether ecology and economics are reconcilable. This is an issue which we’ve covered extensively on this blog. As we’ve explained, environmental values are best protected by a system of secure property rights, with compensation provided anytime those rights are restricted, including for environm ...