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Tag: Plaintiffs’ lawyers

June 14, 2013

The road to the tort underworld is paved with innovator liability

Tapping their seemingly endless supply of ingenuity, plaintiffs' lawyers have come up with a new legal theory for reaching deep pockets, and just the name would send chills up the spine of Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, or Jonas Salk.  Under the theory of "innovator liability," manufacturers of brand-name drugs can be held liable for injuries ...

May 24, 2013

Thank the plaintiff$' lawyers: United States has the world's costliest litigation system

Surprise, Surprise.  According to the Chamber of Commerce's Institute for Legal Reform, the United States has the world's most costly litigation system.  As the report notes, litigation costs affect international competitiveness and productivity—not only by influencing the direct costs of doing business, but by inspiring or upsetting investor c ...