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Tag: planning

October 11, 2013

PLF's Jonathan Wood joins Bill Wattenburg show Sunday

I’ll be on The Bill Wattenburg Show Sunday at 9. We’ll be talking about our lawsuit against Plan Bay Area. If you’re in the San Francisco area, the show will air on Talk 910. It will also be streamed here. Update: the recording is available here. ...

September 09, 2013

My Contra Costa Times op-ed on Plan Bay Area

Saturday’s Contra Costa TImes carried this article about Plan Bay Area and the lawsuit that PLF has brought on behalf of Bay Area Citizens challenging the process by which it was adopted. Excerpt: Public policy must be made in a way that allows informed public participation. But Plan Bay Area was drafted by agenda-driven insiders. ...

August 12, 2013

Plan Bay Area: planners imposing their preferences on residents isn't just a Bay Area problem

Last week, we explained why it’s terrible policy for planners to impose their preferences on residents who have different ideas on how they should live.Over at National Review‘s The Corner blog, Stanley Kurtz explains that this is a nationwide problem. The bureaucratic lingo for this brand of social engineering is TOD, "transit oriented ...

August 06, 2013

Plan Bay Area: planners' dream; for Citizens, not so much

Attorneys from the Pacific Legal Foundation filed a new lawsuit this morning, on behalf of the Bay Area Citizens, challenging Plan Bay Area. The Citizens are a non-profit that supports property rights, local community control, and the environment, and opposes burdensome land-use regulation. Plan Bay Area is the first Sustainable Communities Strate ...