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Tag: Ronald Reagan

December 12, 2015

PLF swings with Sinatra, baby.

Before Ronald Reagan became an elected public official, he served as President of the Screen Actors Guild and became good friends with Frank Sinatra. Not many years after striking up that friendship, Reagan knew a time for choosing had arisen because big government and the Constitution had become strangers in the night. Something had to give and ...

February 06, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Today we celebrate the 102nd birthday of Ronald Reagan.  Our friends at the Heritage Foundation have a number of posts celebrating the life of President Reagan, and particularly his importance to the cause of economic freedom. President Reagan has a special place in the history of PLF, which was formed by attorneys from then-Governor Reagan’ ...

March 06, 2012

39 years and counting!

Well, we wish we could report to you that our services are no longer needed . . . but as you well know, Pacific Legal Foundation is needed now more than ever before.  To celebrate our 39th anniversary, we put together this video that talks about how PLF was founded, and why.   ...

March 25, 2011

Ronald Reagan: A man for all seasons

Author: M. David Stirling I was a college sophomore in the fall of 1960. An election year, my Government professor assigned the class the task of getting involved in the election campaign of any candidate of our choice, local, state, or federal.  Although I was still too young to vote (the voting age then was ...