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Tag: taxi

July 16, 2015

"Tim the Lawyer" talks about Uber and California regulators

This morning I joined Armstrong & Getty to talk about Competitor’s Veto laws and two recent California cases involving Uber that show how overregulation of the economy stifles entrepreneurship and innovation. If you missed it, you can listen online here. ...

April 24, 2015

Montana takes a step toward economic liberty

Thanks to PLF’s lawsuit, yesterday the Montana legislature gave final approval to a bill that would eliminate the state’s Competitor’s Veto law for taxi companies. Under current law, existing transportation businesses are allowed to essentially veto any new competition from people who want to start new taxi businesses. We̵ ...

January 30, 2015

Testimony in Montana: the Competitor's Veto is unconstitutional

Today I testified to the Montana Legislature’s House Transportation Committee about the unconstitutionality of their Competitor’s Veto law—the same law we challenged in court yesterday.  The Committee is considering amending that law and eliminating the Competitor’s Veto for the taxi industry.  However, those amendments d ...