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Tag: Thomas Jefferson

July 03, 2012

Time to read the Declaration

Tomorrow marks the day we celebrate freedom and liberty in this country.  It is a remarkable day.  July 4th celebrates the first (and perhaps only) time a nation was founded on the principles of liberty and equality under the law.  And while our nation has struggled, at times, to achieve those ideals, the principles announced in ...

May 25, 2012

The founders and the primacy of liberty

Prof. Samuelson has a thorough response to my post about John Adams and individual liberty. While it's true I'm not a great admirer of Adams (I'm much fonder of his son), my point was not biographical or historical, but philosophical: democracy is an instrumental good, one that is valuable only insofar as it protects the ...

July 01, 2010

Doll-claration of independence

Author: Lana Harfoush Earlier this month, I recommended a few films adapted from liberty-friendly literary works to the big screen. Though Pixar's latest Toy Story 3 is not an adaptation, rather the final chapter of the trilogy, it is one of the summer's most popular movies. In fact, Walt Disney Co. estimated that $153.8 million ...