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Tag: timber harvesting

December 31, 2016

Weekly litigation report — December 31, 2016

Affordable housing mandates on their way up Unsurprisingly, the California Supreme Court denied our petition for review in 616 Croft Avenue v. City of West Hollywood. This is the case where the City is demanding a half-million dollars in affordable housing subsidies from a couple who want to build more housing — 11 condominiums where ...

March 15, 2010

Forest landowners deserve their day in court

Author: Damien M. Schiff Last week, I argued PLF's appeal in Barnum Timber Co. v. United States Environmental Protection Agency in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.  PLF represents Barnum Timber Co., a family-run timber harvesting operation based in Eureka, California.  In this case, PLF is suing EPA over the agen ...