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Tag: washington court of appeals

August 24, 2010

City claims that environmental regulations should trump constitutionally protected property rights

Author: Brian T. Hodges Kipp and Marilyn Dunlap bought a vacant residential lot in Nooksack, Washington with the dream of building their home there.  But the city had other ideas.  You see, Nooksack slough runs through the middle of the Dunlaps' lot, and the city declared that land adjacent to streams constitutes an environmentally sens ...

July 13, 2010

PLF: a modern day Cassandra

Author: Brian T. Hodges In a decision filed last week, Washington's Court of Appeals recognized that, like Cassandra, whose warning that the Grecian horse spelled doom for Troy, PLF's successful litigation efforts to constrain government agencies to their strictly defined constitutional and statutory limits has fallen on deaf ears. PLF blogged abou ...