Wrapping up National School Choice Week 2016

January 29, 2016 | By JOSHUA THOMPSON

Thank you for joining us and helping to spread the word about school choice. National School Choice Week was a huge success. So many wonderful organizations got involved, not to mention the thousands of parents, students, schools, and supporters that spoke out for school choice.

Here at PLF it has been a busy week supporting school choice. I recorded this podcast with fellow PLF school choice attorney Wencong Fa. We interviewed some parents and school officials at Community Christian School for this video. Our Facebook and Twitter accounts have been busy pushing our school choice message. PLF attorneys made appearances on national and local radio stations. And this blog has published many interesting posts discussing PLF’s school choice cases as well as issues that are important to choice advocates.

School Choice Week is always a highlight of the year for me, because it gets so many people talking about why school choice is so important. The only way we are going to realize school choice for all children is by spreading the message and documenting the successes.

For us at PLF, however, school choice is a year-round project. We have a lot of interesting school choice cases ongoing, and we will continue to fight for parents’ right to choose the best education for their child.