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Month: September 2009

September 25, 2009

Occupational licensing and corruption

Author: Timothy Sandefur Reason's Katherine Mangu-Ward makes some important observations about taxicab licensing in Wasihngton, D.C. ...

September 24, 2009

Maryland's funeral home cartel

Author: Timothy Sandefur This week, PLF's Economic Liberty Project filed a brief in the U.S. Supreme Court in a case coming out of Maryland, where state law forbids corporations from owning funeral homes. Only individuals can own funeral homes–and only individuals who have Maryland state funeral licenses. Why? It's simple: to protect ...

September 23, 2009

Real failure: Obama administration refuses to admit that the ESA is hurting the Central Valley

Author: Brandon Middleton The Obama administration has previously had trouble admitting that the Endangered Species act has prevented water from flowing to the Central Valley. The last week has seen this disturbing trend continue. The Interior Department's Sept. 17 "Reality Check" merely states that "the temporary restrictions th ...

September 22, 2009

The New York Times on corporate personhood

Author: Timothy Sandefur Yesterday's New York Times featured an editorial calling on courts to abolish the principle of "corporate personhood." This is the legal principle that holds that corporations should be treated like "persons" under the Fourteenth Amendment and in other areas of the law. This principle has come under increasing att ...

September 21, 2009

My interview at the Rockford College Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship

Author: Timothy Sandefur The Rockford College Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship has posted the video of my interview with philosopher Stephen Hicks. One embarrassing error: in my interview, I mentioned that the poet Yeats referred to the 1930s as a "low, dishonest decade." In fact, that quote is from W.H. Auden's poem "Septe ...

September 20, 2009

How Missouri abuses eminent domain

Author: Timothy Sandefur The Show-Me Institute has published my policy report, Gradual And Silent Encroachments: How The Missouri Supreme Court Expanded the Power of Eminent Domain. This article describes the case of dentist Homer Tourkakis, whose property was seized by the city of Arnold, Missouri, to give away to a private developer.& ...

September 15, 2009

Upcoming appearances

Author: Timothy Sandefur I'll be speaking tomorrow at Rockford College in Rockford, Illinois, where my friend Stephen Hicks runs the Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship. Then on Thursday, I'll be speaking to the Federalist Society at the University of Wisconsin Law School in Madison. On October 13, I'll be speaking to the Federalist ...

September 15, 2009

PLF celebrates Milton Friedman

Author: Timothy Sandefur This is very late, I'm sorry to say, but here is a video of remarks by PLF client Adam Sweet and myself at a luncheon that PLF and the Cascade Policy Institute sponsored in honor of Milton Friedman a few months ago. Adam, you'll remember, succeeded in overturning the cartel that Oregon law created ...

September 15, 2009

Announcing PLF's 2010 CPIL Fellowships

Attention 3Ls!  Apply now for a post-grad litigation Fellowship with PLF at our Sacramento headquarters, starting in September, 2010.   Applications are due at the end of this month, so don't delay! ...

September 11, 2009

Coverage of Mississippi Levee Board suit

Author: Damien M. Schiff Last month, PLF filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Board of Mississippi Levee Commissioners, to challenge the Environmental Protection Agency's unwarranted veto of a desperately needed flood control project in the lower Mississippi Delta.  The latest Impact Newsletter from the Board has an excellent article detailin ...