The president used the Antiquities Act to unilaterally withdraw Oregon timberlands from production, overriding a duly passed statute. PLF tells the en banc 9th Circuit not to ignore this violation of the separation of powers.
June 20, 2023 2023-06-20
U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
The FDIC’s structure, the removal protection enjoyed by its commissioners, its in-house courts without juries: PLF tells the Fifth Circuit that the agency’s prosecutions cannot pass constitutional muster.
April 06, 2023 2023-04-06
Supreme Court of the United States
Legislative demands that property owners give up constitutional rights for a development permit should be subject to certain requirements to ensure fair compensation and prevent excessive burdens, which is important for affordable housing and protecting individual rights.
June 01, 2023 2023-06-01
Supreme Court of the United States
The Fifth Amendment’s Takings clause is self-executing and applies to the states. Victims of government-caused flooding need not file statutory civil rights claims, and their just compensation is not blocked by sovereign immunity.
May 10, 2023 2023-05-10
Supreme Court of the United States
March 24, 2023 2023-03-24
Supreme Court of the United States
PLF tells the Supreme Court that California’s AB5 singles out political canvassers to prohibit them from working as independent contractors, an impermissible regulation of a profession based on its members’ speech.
April 07, 2023 2023-04-07
Supreme Court of the United States
One remedy for the perennial problem of civil forfeiture? A prompt post-deprivation hearing for innocent owners to reclaim their cars and the freedom their cars enable.
February 20, 0023 0023-02-20
Supreme Court of the United States
Colorado courts have been correct to deny the standing of a single activist to recategorize a riverbed on someone’s private property as public trust open to fly fishing.
February 02, 2023 2023-02-02
Supreme Court of Colorado
PLF tells the Arizona Supreme Court to correct lower courts that handed a state agency an unchecked quasi-judicial power.
January 27, 2023 2023-01-27
Arizona Supreme Court

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