Shear Development Co., LLC v. California Coastal Commission

California Coastal Commission unlawfully blocks home construction

Land in California's coastal zone is among the most heavily regulated in the nation, if not the world. But even California's regulations acknowledge that property owners in the coastal zone have the fundamental right to use and develop their land. The State's Coastal Act, for example, limits the power of the California Coastal Commission to ...

Telehealth visit
Sean McBride, et al. v. Hawkins

Healthcare specialists and patients fight for right to telehealth

Represented by Pacific Legal Foundation free of charge, Shellye Horowitz and Dr. McBride are challenging California's licensing law that threatens patients' access to necessary, specialized medical care and rights of qualified specialists to treat them.  ...

Minnesota State House
American Alliance for Equal Rights v. Tim Walz

Race quotas for public service deny equality and opportunity

Represented by Pacific Legal Foundation at no charge, The American Alliance for Equal Rights is fighting back. Its federal lawsuit challenges the Minnesota Board of Social Work's race-based membership quota as violating the Constitution's equal protection guarantee. A victory would ensure that all candidates can compete equally to serve on the soci ...

Oom living houses
Oom Living, LLC v. City of Seattle

Fighting Seattle’s permitting extortion to build new housing

The government may not deny a benefit, even a discretionary one, based on a person's exercise of constitutional rights. Represented at no charge by Pacific Legal Foundation, Jenna and Oom are now fighting back with a state lawsuit challenging Seattle's unconstitutional permitting condition.   ...

ATS Employees
ATS Tree Services, LLC v. Federal Trade Commission

Small business owner fights FTC’s lawless non-compete ban

Adam Servin founded ATS Tree Services in 2014, offering tree removal services and firewood sales in Pennsylvania. ATS asks new employees to sign a one-year non-compete agreement, meaning an employee who leaves must wait one year before working at a competitor tree care company in the same geographic area as ATS. In 2024, the FTC issued a new rule b ...

homebirth midwife
Swanson v. Hilgers

Nebraska midwife entrepreneur fights unjust ban on her profession

Heather Swanson believes that the ability of mothers to choose where and how to give birth is an important right. Yet these foundational freedoms are under siege by a Nebraska law that defies logic and basic human rights. It is the only state to outright ban CNMs from home births; failure to comply is a felony. Meanwhile, lay midwives and doulas, w ...

CTM Holdings LLC v. USDA

Farming family fights government’s illegal restrictions on their livelihood

Iowa attorney Jim Conlan grew up in a farming family, so when considering new investment options, reconnecting with his family legacy through agriculture was a natural fit. But Jim's efforts to support this time-honored industry soon ran headlong into government overreach by regulators that lack his deep respect for farming's critical role in sust ...

Friends of the Crazy Mountains v. Erickson

Defending protections for property owners and respect for property rights

Like much of the American West, the area around Montana's Crazy Mountains—the Crazies—is a checkerboard of federal, state, and private land. Also, as is typical in the western U.S., access to the Crazies' higher-elevation public land is limited and requires permission from private landowners. ...

Green v. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Fishermen fight illegal fishing ban

In 2021, President Biden issued a presidential proclamation that banned commercial fishing across millions of acres in the fertile Georges Bank region of the North Atlantic Ocean, a devastating blow to New England's iconic fishing industry. If the president can designate "ecosystems" and millions of acres of the ocean floor as "a national monument, ...