The Voting Rights Act Guarantees Equal Opportunity to Vote, Not Equal Racial Outcomes
February 16, 20212021-02-16
Supreme Court of the United States
Ending discrimination against Asian-Americans at Harvard
April 21, 20202020-04-21
United States First Court of Appeals
Federal law deprives American Indian children of the “best interest of the child” standard in custody determinations
August 01, 20172017-08-01
Supreme Court of the United States
Georgia Constitution disallows economic protectionism
May 25, 20172017-05-25
Georgia Supreme Court
Courts must not determine a law’s constitutionality based solely on government assurances of good will
September 14, 20162016-09-14
Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals
Unions attack–but can’t kill–Florida charter schools
January 19, 20162016-01-19
Florida Court of Appeal
December 30, 20152015-12-30
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
States may not discriminate against religious organizations
November 01, 20152015-11-01
Colorado Supreme Court
Requiring “professional” hairstyles is not intentional racial discrimination
January 14, 20152015-01-14
Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals

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