Defending liberty and justice for all.

Pacific Legal Foundation is a national nonprofit legal organization that defends Americans from government overreach and abuse.

What We Do

We sue the government when it violates Americans’ constitutional rights—and we win.

At PLF, we believe in individual liberty: that when people are free to live peacefully and productively, without interference by government, they improve themselves, their families, and their communities.

We represent hundreds of Americans, free of charge, giving them a day in court to protect their rights.

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PLF clients are more than parties to a lawsuit. They are heroes who want to stand up to the government when it stymies their ability to improve their lives. They don’t lack courage, just resources. So, we represent these everyday Americans free of charge.

PLF is 100% funded through the generosity of donors across the country who believe in the American ideals of individualism and liberty. Every PLF donor gives these citizens their day in court to vindicate their rights and set lasting precedent to protect everyone else.


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