Nicole W.C. Yeatman

Editorial Director |

Nicole W.C. Yeatman is editorial director for Pacific Legal Foundation, where she tells stories about unjust government action, people who stand up for their rights, and the freedom that makes happiness and progress possible.

Before joining the PLF team, Nicole was director of strategic communications at the Institute for Humane Studies, where she wrote about human dignity, cancel culture, and intellectual humility. At the Competitive Enterprise Institute, she wrote the adapted screenplay for the short film I, Pencil, based on Leonard E. Read’s essay, which won multiple film festival awards and has over a million YouTube views. (If you’ve been to a CEI gala, you’ve likely also seen one of the many bizarre parody videos Nicole wrote.)

She worked at Regnery Publishing for six years, where, as marketing director, she ran campaigns for bestselling books, including Life After Google by George Gilder, Justice on Trial by Mollie Hemingway and Carrie Severino, and The Smallest Minority by Kevin Williamson (her favorite from her time at Regnery, because it includes lines like: “‘You can’t shout Fire! in a crowded theater’ is an abominably stupid cliché that has empowered more mob rule than the AK-47.”)

Nicole graduated from McGill University with a B.A. in cultural studies and philosophy. She lives in Washington, D.C., with her husband Will and their two sons, one of whom is named after Mickey Rourke. She likes ’80s music, good bourbon, and re-watching Dirty Harry.