Michigan Supreme Court ends home equity theft

Rafaeli, LLC v. Oakland County

In 2014, Oakland County, Michigan foreclosed on a home owned by Uri Rafaeli's business—Rafaeli, LLC—over an $8.41 tax debt. The County sold the property for $24,500, and kept profits. Ditto for Andre Ohanessian, when the County seized and sold his property for $82,000, and pocketed every penny left over from the $6,000 tax debt. While most stat ...

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September 04, 2020

Supreme Court asked to enforce the constitutional  right to proper notice in tax foreclosures 

Washington, D.C.; September 4, 2020: Can the government give a private company tax-delinquent land—and the owner's equity in it—without providing adequate notice to the property owner? That's the question that Walter Barnette is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to answer.  Barnette owned a plot of land in an Omaha, Nebraska, suburb, but fell ...

September 03, 2020

Landlords move to defend their livelihoods in court

Seattle; September 3, 2020: Several Seattle landlords filed a lawsuit today against state and city rules that prohibit landlords from evicting tenants. The rules, adopted in response to the pandemic, violate landlords' rights to freely use and occupy their property. Mark Travers designed and built multi-family housing in Seattle, which he and his ...

September 01, 2020

Montgomery County parents sue over racial balancing in magnet school admissions

Greenbelt, Maryland; September 1, 2020: A group of parents filed a lawsuit today, alleging racial discrimination in the admissions process for magnet schools of Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS). In 2018, MCPS rolled out a new admissions process for its magnet middle schools, citing "racial and socioeconomic disparities in the enrollment and ...

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September 17, 2020

Townhall: On Constitution Day, ‘Doing the Work’ should include reading the constitution

Sorting through the various reading lists for "doing the work," that is, educating oneself about race and equality in America, there's one piece that's conspicuously absent: The Constitution. As the nation's most important document devoted to equality, it should top the list. Throughout history, civil rights leaders have relied on the Constitution ...

September 16, 2020

San Francisco Chronicle: Racial quotas have an ugly pedigree. California shouldn’t try to bring them back

"Never admit more than five Jews, take only two Italian Catholics, and take no Blacks at all." These were the instructions of Milton Winternitz, the dean of Yale Medical School, from 1920-1935. Racial quotas have a sordid history. And yet 100 years later, California still hasn't learned. Not long after Dean Winternitz imposed racial quotas ...

September 16, 2020

The Hill: Gov. Abbott sends Texas tubers up the river without a paddle

New Braunfels, Texas, bills itself as "the tubing capital of America." Every year, individuals travel to the city to enjoy its rivers, lakes and first-rate water park — Schlitterbahn. But this year, while Schlitterbahn was allowed to remain open, businesses that rent inner tubes and rafts to people who want to float down New Braunfels's ...


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