Freelance journalists sue over California’s new contracting law

American Society of Journalists and Authors v. Becerra

In an effort to regulate the employment status of independent contractors, California passed a law forcing companies in the state to reclassify most freelancers as employees. Under AB 5, freelance journalists and photographers must cap their submissions at 35 per year, per publisher. Anything greater, and they become employees, losing their profess ...

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March 18, 2020

Victory for ranchers in jaguar critical habitat case

Denver; March 18, 2020: The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled yesterday that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's designation of thousands of acres of land in New Mexico as critical habitat for jaguars is illegal. The court ruled that the agency failed to follow its own rules, thus the designation was arbitrary and capricious.  The illeg ...

March 10, 2020

New lawsuit challenges California’s egregious censorship of license plates like “OG” and “QUEER”

San Francisco; March 10, 2020: A lawsuit filed today challenges the California Department of Motor Vehicles' arbitrary censorship of speech on personalized license plates.    After Chris Ogilvie was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army following four tours overseas, including in Iraq and Afghanistan, he bought a new car and applied for a ...

March 09, 2020

Fishermen file suit against government attempts to regulate them out of business

Sacramento, California; March 9, 2020: A group of California fishermen has filed two lawsuits challenging recently imposed rules that could take away their livelihoods. Chris Williams has fished the waters off the California coast for years, selling his catch at his family's market in Ventura. He loves the ocean, has worked to preserve a sustainabl ...

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March 26, 2020

How is COVID-19 affecting current Supreme Court cases?

This week, Pacific Legal Foundation Senior Attorney, Mark Miller, joined Host Tim Farley on The Morning Briefing on the P.O.T.U.S. channel on Sirius XM radio. During the show Mark discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic could affect the cases currently before the Court and the constitutional issues that the Court is deliberating. Listen to the intervie ...

March 16, 2020

The Hill: It’s up to the Supreme Court to teach Seattle ‘Free Speech 101’

Imagine a law that required Republicans to contribute to Bernie Sanders's or Joe Biden's presidential campaign. Or that the Hollywood left must donate to President Trump's reelection. Would you support such a law? Of course not ― most of us would find such a law to be not only unconstitutional but an affront to one's ...

March 09, 2020

Jurist: States should not adopt a speech code for lawyers

Attorneys litigate on both sides of some of the most contentious issues in the country: affirmative action, rent control, abortion rights, gun rights, you name it. Sometimes the positions attorneys take may be seen as offensive, as those positions may run contrary to more "popular" opinions. But in our adversarial system of justice, free speech ...


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