Freelance journalists sue over California’s new contracting law

American Society of Journalists and Authors v. Becerra

In an effort to regulate the employment status of independent contractors, California passed a law forcing companies in the state to reclassify most freelancers as employees. Under AB 5, freelance journalists and photographers must cap their submissions at 35 per year, per publisher. Anything greater, and they become employees, losing their profess ...

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May 27, 2020

Open for business: Napa retail art galleries claim victory as county backs down in the face of a legal challenge

Napa, California; May 27, 2020: Faced with an imminent legal challenge from a local retail art gallery, Napa County officials said late yesterday that retail art galleries may open for business as part of California's Stage 2 reopening plan. Quent and Linda Cordair sought to reopen their gallery, Quent Cordair Fine Art, using social distancing, ...

May 21, 2020

Property owners move to intervene in navigable waters challenge

San Francisco; May 21, 2020: Today an Idaho couple filed a motion to intervene in California's challenge to the Trump Administration's Navigable Waters Protection Rule. For more than 13 years, Mike and Chantell Sackett have fought the EPA for the right to build a house on their residential lot in Priest Lake, Idaho. That fight ...

May 20, 2020

President Trump signs executive order containing “Regulatory Bill of Rights”

Washington, D.C.; May 20, 2020: President Trump signed a historic order yesterday that bolsters basic due process protections for Americans caught up in agency regulatory proceedings. Section 6 of the order contains 10 principles of "fairness in administrative enforcement and adjudication" — dubbed the Regulatory Bill of Rights. The order instruc ...

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May 29, 2020

DailyJournal: Executive Order adds historic Regulatory Bill of Rights

Last week, President Donald Trump signed an executive order with far-reaching implications for regulatory agency enforcement procedures and for the rule of law generally. Most press attention has focused on provisions of the order encouraging temporary regulatory suspensions to promote economic recovery. Although the economic relief provisions are ...

May 26, 2020

San Francisco Chronicle: Preserve Prop. 209: Don’t let racial discrimination return to California

Quick! Close your eyes and think of how coronavirus can be used as a justification for a law that you want to be enacted. Be creative! What's the biggest stretch you can come up with? The entry by California Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez, D-Pomona, into this dubious contest is "Repeal the California Civil Rights Initiative." In ...

May 26, 2020

The Wall Street Journal: It’s about time we got a Bill of Rights for the regulatory state

One of the first actions of Congress in 1789 was proposing a bill of rights that limited government power and guaranteed the liberties of the American people. Power has since shifted from Congress to an unaccountable regulatory state, but there is no equivalent bill of rights to limit its power or protect liberty in the ...


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