September 19, 2023 Small business owners sue to stop Houston’s race-based contracting
September 11, 2023 Alaska electric cooperative sues USDA for blocking green energy projects
August 11, 2023 Texas man sues National Credit Union Administration, demands fair trial in Federal Court
August 4, 2023 PLF Announces State Policy Grant Programs
August 1, 2023 New lawsuit challenges California’s mandatory implicit bias training in healthcare
July 27, 2023 Michigan targets drone entrepreneur; now faces lawsuit over unconstitutional application of the law
July 21, 2023 Kansas counties and farmers sue to stop lesser prairie-chicken habitat rule
July 17, 2023 Pacific Legal Foundation calls for an end to Chevron judicial deference 
July 7, 2023 Rhode Island taxpayers challenge government’s beachfront land grab
June 29, 2023 Supreme Court strikes down affirmative action, tees up fight over proxy discrimination
June 14, 2023 Trucking company sues to stop Pennsylvania from importing California’s regulations
June 6, 2023 Doctors of Nursing Practice (DNPs) defend truthful titles, free speech, and their livelihoods in a new lawsuit
May 31, 2023 Massachusetts tells former police officer-turned-entrepreneur he’s not eligible for COVID-19 relief program
May 30, 2023 Pacific Legal Foundation demands states change home equity theft laws, counties stop stealing equity
May 25, 2023 SCOTUS rules government can’t take more than what it’s owed from property owners
May 25, 2023 Supreme Court reins in Clean Water Act abuse
May 23, 2023 School admissions challenge heads to Supreme Court after Fourth Circuit rejects equal protection for all students
May 18, 2023 New lawsuit challenges UC’s DEI statement requirement for job applicants