April 12, 2024 SCOTUS rules government cannot use permit process to coerce property owners  
April 3, 2024 Iowa bans decades of gender discrimination on boards and commissions
April 2, 2024 Fishermen challenge fishing ban, Antiquities Act abuse
March 28, 2024 Wisconsin eliminates home equity loophole following Supreme Court case last term
March 15, 2024 North Carolina property owner takes on regulators for ignoring Supreme Court decision in Sackett
March 14, 2024 PLF enters fight over New York’s discriminatory cannabis licensing
March 12, 2024 Idaho bans home equity theft following Supreme Court case last term
March 12, 2024 New lawsuit filed in San Diego over race-based housing program
March 12, 2024 New lawsuit challenges Montana’s race and gender balancing on public boards 
March 11, 2024 New lawsuit challenges SEC’s public shaming rule
February 28, 2024 Regulators ignore Supreme Court on water rules, landowners fight back
February 21, 2024 New lawsuit challenges unconstitutional restrictions on entertainment at Alaska breweries
February 20, 2024 Supreme Court refuses to hear case of K-12 race-based discrimination
February 13, 2024 New lawsuit challenges Alabama’s racial quota on the Real Estate Appraisers Board
February 13, 2024 High school teacher sues Oregon over its unconstitutional diversity program
February 12, 2024 South Dakota bans home equity theft following Supreme Court case last term
February 12, 2024 Arizona rancher sues to stop Biden administration abuse of Antiquities Act
January 24, 2024 New lawsuit targets racial discrimination in Minnesota farming grants