Our Issues


A society cannot flourish and individuals cannot advance their private interests without individual rights to create and productively use property. PLF litigates in several areas of law to secure property rights as the foundation of liberty.

At PLF, we: secure the right to the productive and ordinary use of land; prevent governments from taking property; fight unconstitutional or unlawful regulatory requirements; promote balance in environmental laws; and stop unreasonable searches and seizures.


The liberty protected by the Constitution encompasses your right to be free in the enjoyment of all of your abilities in the pursuit of happiness, including the right to express yourself in thought and action, to pursue the occupation of your choice, to live where you want, and to pursue the best education for you and your children.

At PLF, we: vindicate freedom of speech and association; defend the right to earn a living; support freedom in education; and uphold equal protection of the law, including freedom from racial discrimination.


The Constitution establishes a separation of powers and express guarantees of due process. The fight for liberty is often a matter of ensuring that those who govern us do not exceed their constitutionally limited authority when enacting and enforcing the law.

At PLF, we: fight to end the modern administrative state, including limiting judicial deference to legislative and administrative judgments; restore separation of powers against improper delegation of authority to bureaucrats; define the limited scope of federal power under the Commerce Clause; revive the doctrine of enumerated powers; and ensure due process of law.


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We represent individuals and businesses who sue or are sued by the federal, state, or local government in a matter of constitutional law.

We provide pro-bono representation for individuals and entities who cannot afford private counsel or who do not have an economic stake in the case that justifies private litigation. PLF is funded entirely by private donations and therefore operates with limited resources. We focus on litigating precedent-setting cases that advance a specific and predetermined set of public policy objectives approved by our Board of Trustees.

First, let’s make sure our legal team is a good fit for your case.

While there are many cases where we’d like to help those in need, PLF is funded entirely by private donors. With our limited resources, we have to focus on certain public policy objectives and precedent-setting cases. Your honest answers to these questions will help us determine whether or not we are able to take your case.