Hierholzer v. Guzman

Racial set-asides deny veteran’s equal treatment and opportunity in federal contracting

Marty Hierholzer simply wants the SBA to treat all applicants based on their individual experiences rather than their race. Represented at no charge by PLF, he is fighting back with a federal lawsuit, challenging the SBA's discriminatory contracting program and the statute that empowered the SBA to make race-based judgment calls. ...

Raymond Lofstad and Gus Lovgren v. Raimondo

Illegally formed federal agency threatens livelihoods of Atlantic fishermen

Raymond Lofstad and Gus Lovgren are both fourth-generation commercial fishermen running small-scale operations in the Mid-Atlantic. They're asking a federal court to restore their right to earn an honest living without interference by an illegally formed agency and its equally unlawful regulation. ...

Department of Education building, Washington D.C.
Garrison v. U.S. Department of Education

Fighting lawless student loan cancellations to restore separation of powers

Pacific Legal Foundation filed the nation's first lawsuit challenging the Education Department's unacceptable abuse of executive authority to restore the rule of law and to enforce the Constitution's separation of powers. ...

Mother playing with baby in a Podster
Leachco, Inc. v. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Small family business battles arbitrary prosecution for baby pillow

Jamie Leach is a self-described "Innovationer™" who, after a close call with her seven-month-old son, leveraged her experience as a registered nurse and mom to start Leachco, Inc., a small, family-owned business based in Ada, Oklahoma, that's determined to make the world safer for babies.  ...

Robert Mayfield v. U.S. Department of Labor

Businessman fights DOL’s illegal minimum salary rule to preserve opportunities for his beloved management team

Robert has the right to run his business as he sees fit, free of arbitrary government handicaps that limit the opportunities of the employees he's identified as leaders. Represented free of charge by PLF, Robert and his company have filed a constitutional challenge to the DOL's salary level rule in federal court. ...

Michigan Association of Public School Academies, et al. v. U.S. Dept. of Education, et al.

Defending educational opportunity from Biden’s war on charter schools

For many children, charter schools can provide an escape route, or at least a high-quality alternative, when traditional public schools fail them. Research consistently shows that urban charter schools outperform traditional public schools. ...

Catalina Park in Tucson, AZ
Sarra L. v. Faust

Falsely accused mother and child-refugee advocate fights to restore due process and separation of powers

With a quarter-century ban on the work that she loves and her due process rights on the line, Sarra is fighting back. Represented by Pacific Legal Foundation and the Goldwater Institute, Sarra is asking a state court to restore due process protections in administrative hearings and hold government agencies and bureaucrats accountable for their mist ...

survey paperwork form census optimized
Maureen Murphy et al. v. Gina Raimondo et al.

Census Bureau’s unlawful power grab tramples privacy rights and separation of powers

Maureen and John are challenging the Census Bureau's overreach, so no Americans are ever again forced to choose between huge fines and their right to keep their personal information private. ...

Department of Justice office in Washington, DC
John Doe et al. v. U.S. Dept. Of Justice et al.

California man with expunged record fights unconstitutional registry rule

John is challenging Congress' unconstitutional delegation of authority to the Attorney General to issue SORNA requirements—a clear violation of the non-delegation doctrine and separation of powers. ...